We've moved!

Whitebet has partnered up with WinningRoom

In order to continue offering our players the best possible gaming experience, Whitebet has joined forces with the fantastic gaming site WinningRoom. Worry not because, since Whitebet and WinningRoom in fact belong to the same parent company, (Evoke Gaming Ltd) you will very much still be in safe hands with us.

Please be aware that all account information will continue to be treated with the utmost confidentiality, as well as all remaining Cash Balances being transferred to WinningRoom with immediate effect.

These are exciting times and this merger will provide our players some fantastic new improvements to their overall service. WinningRoom will provide a fully responsive mobile gaming platform, a broader selection of payment methods and even more games than before, as well as all your old favourites.

We are confident that you will be very much satisfied with this upgrade but above all would like to welcome you to this new and exciting gaming chapter with us!

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